Operation Housey Home

This is the story of two first time home buyers as we move into our first house and turn it into a lovely little home. We are creating this blog to update our families on our progress as well as document our home improvement projects.

Some more food, this time all from one day! Today was the paper lantern Obon festival, which took place along the river right by our hotel. During the festival, people can light paper lanterns to set off down the Sumida river to remember loved ones who have passed.

We tried many different foods from the various vendors around our hotel. We tried Takoyaki “Octopus balls”, Yakisoba, a blue lemon soda drink, boba soda (melon flavored), some sort of candy covered plum thing (which we needed to win a pachinko game to get. We won and got two!), beef tongue, fried chicken (not pictured), sausage on a stick (also not pictured), and some strange ravioli fish thing (last picture). Some of it was really good, and some was really strange.


A variety of food we’ve had so far during our trip. We had the Japanese style breakfast that our hotel served a few times, but then decided to try out some other places like “Mister Donut” and a place that served eggs, toast, ham, and pancakes. We’ve been trying a bunch of Ramen and noodle places which have been pretty good. We also had curry at a Maid Cafe! And tonight we got conveyor belt sushi which was amazing! (As you can see by the stack of empty plates). The food here has all been good and relatively inexpensive. I wonder what else we’ll get to try before our trip is over.