Operation Housey Home

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Someone’s Been Here…

So yesterday after work we arrived at Housey Home to a bunch of footprints in the snow outside our back door (which we haven’t used in a while because we don’t have a path shoveled out). There were also footprints going to every window around our house. I quickly ran into the back mudroom (which doesn’t have a lock) and checked the back door to our house. It was locked, and nothing was missing from our mudroom.

One of our neighbors up the street had just gotten home and we asked them if they’d seen anything earlier in the day, but they said they hadn’t been home either. They also said that our neighbor across the street Bob had noticed some suspicious people walking around the neighborhood and checking out houses the previous week. This had us concerned.

We carefully went inside the front door, to see if anything had been taken, noticing immediately that all of our big expensive things were in their rightful places. 

Then we noticed the door in the kitchen leading to the back door. It was open, and we KNOW we always keep it closed. I then went and checked the back door again. It was unlocked. When I had tried it from the outside, the knob was locked, which is how we never lock the house, we lock the deadbolt using our key. Someone had definitely been in our house. We ran down into the basement to see if anybody was down there but it was clear.

We then debated going upstairs and looking around, concerned for our safety. We tried calling the police to see if they could send someone out to check out the house, but they said they were busy and it would “be a while.” Reluctantly we went upstairs ourselves (Jocelyn equipped with a butcher knife). There was nothing missing, and we even checked the closets and crawl space. It was all clear.

We came back downstairs, and Jocelyn called her mother to explain the situation, and decided to start dinner rather than continue worrying about it. She walked over to the pantry to grab dinner and walked by the kitchen sink.

That’s when she saw the note.

Jocelyn nearly fell over, swearing loudly while still on the phone with her mother, and grabbed the note to show to me.


So the Fire Department had been here. But was the note real? We looked up the phone number and it was indeed the Fitchburg Fire Department. Jocelyn then hung up with her mother and called the Fire Department. We ended up getting the brother of the Dept. Cheif who had been in our house, so he didn’t know the situation but said he’d call back when his brother returned from a fire. Jocelyn then called her mother back and explained everything about the Fire Department, and had to hang up on her again when the Fire Department called back.

They had found the file on what had happened today, and said that a neighbor had called in because our fire alarms were going off (which had happened a few days ago too, but we had dismissed it as I had lit incense that day) and they wanted to make sure everything was ok. So the fire department showed up with neither of us being home, and had to find a way into the house. That explains all the footprints. But how did they get in? None of our doors were broken, they were just locked differently.

Apparently they had gotten in through the bathroom window, which we had left unlocked. That’s fortunate in this situation though because they would have had to break something if that window wasn’t unlocked. They had searched the house and found no cause for the fire alarms going off, and silenced them all, and left the note, leaving through the back door (locking the knob from the inside, since they couldn’t deadbolt it).

They said the cause of the fire alarms going off was probably dust accumulating in the alarms, and triggering the alarm system. After dinner we promptly proceeded to vacuum out every single smoke detector in the house, so that they wouldn’t go off again. From now on we’ll have to do that every 3 - 6 months to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

relieving end to a stressful and scary evening. 


Living Room Curtains

Our living room looks awesome. There is one thing, however, that is missing. Curtains. The finishing touch necessary to pull any room together. We now have to find the perfect fabric to make curtains out of. I am not exaggerating when I say it has to be perfect. I want something that will incorporate the red and gray color scheme we have. It also has to add to the whimsical geometric patterns without being too busy.

This one has the colors, but I will never hang curtains that have ::shudders:: flowers…


This one is a tad more organized than I would have hoped for, but the color is awesome.


This one may be juuustt right.


But, like I said, it has to be perfect. I am going to hold out a little longer. In hopes of finding that perfect fabric for the perfect curtains.



Jeff and I recently stayed at a cabin in the woods to celebrate our 7th year anniversary. Turns out we had more to celebrate. Jeff had recently been laid off and had been searching for a new job for just about a month. Jeff was beginning to get nervous, as this was the longest that he had been unemployed for.  Granted, many people are unemployed for far longer. But we had recently purchased Housey Home. Not to mention the fact that another large purchase had recently been made, unbeknownst to me.

Jeff had two interviews the Friday we were going to head to the cabin. One was just a phone interview for a temp agency that had some work “for a local college” and the other through a recruiter as well. At around 2pm I sent Jeff a text asking how things were going. Moments later he texted back

                Phone interview went well. It was for Harvard. Next interview in 1 hour.

Harvard? Hm.. probably Harvard extension. No matter. A job is a job. Less than one minute later my phone went off.

                I got the job! I will be working on the alumni website for Harvard School of Business!

Shut… The… Front… Door… I thought.  What a great way to spend our trip! Now we can celebrate our anniversary and a new, potentially awesome, job!

When we arrived at the cabin I went to open a bottle of champagne. How else to celebrate this momentous weekend!? I turned around with two glasses of champagne and Jeff was in front of me… On the floor?

“What are you doing?”

Jeff held out a small giftwrapped box, the size of  a small jewelry box.

A light bulb went off. “Oh… wow!” I tore the box open and there it was.


And here we are. Housey Home has even set a date. We will be planning our wedding in 6 months. Why wait? We have waited long enough. 


Christmas Tree

We were pretty late getting our Christmas tree for the holidays (and late posting this blog post ABOUT the holidays).

Just about a week before Christmas I finally went out and got one (after finishing up the last of my christmas shopping). I went to the nearby thrift store “Twice Is Nice” that sold Christmas trees. I could tell I was late in getting a tree because when I started looking, the salesman told me that they didn’t think they had any small $25 trees left and that all that was left were $35 trees. I knew we wanted something small, we had a really tiny “Charlie Brown” tree the year before in our apartment, and I was determined to find one.

I started walking around and looking at different trees, and pointed out some small ones to the salesman. He held them up and said, “I can’t sell it for under $35 if it’s taller than I am.” It was true that they were taller than him, but only because the trunk was still high and hadn’t been cut down to size.

After a little more hunting I came across one that he agreed was small enough to be a $25 tree (I had been bartering with him for other trees to try to bring them down to $25).

I got the tree home, and it fit perfectly into corner below the stairs in our entryway. We decorated it later that night, and it turned out to be the perfect first Christmas tree in our Housey Home!


Now it’s time to bring it outside with our trash to get rid of it…


Kitchen Table

I know I am Jocelyn… But let me be frank for just one moment. We eat dinner in front of the TV. Probably about 90% of our time at home is on that beautiful sectional couch. Even though we are always on that magnificent couch we needed to get a kitchen table. As much as we love eating in front of the TV we decided that if we ever had people over for dinner our guests would not.

So we started looking for a kitchen table. The space in the kitchen where we wanted to put a table was small. The table had to be about 3’ x 4’. We saw so many tables. However, after just purchasing such a nice couch we didn’t have a very large budget for a kitchen table.

Most of the tables we found were over $700. I would find a perfect one, size, color, shape… $1,000. Next. Jeff found a really nice one that would have fit very nicely… $900. Nope.

It was hopeless.

The fog lifted one day while I was on my lunch at Big Lots. Small kitchen table, four chairs, modern design… $200. SOLD. Not even to mention the fact that it is FIRE ENGINE RED! This was the perfect kitchen table.


It has been used two or three times.


However, it is mostly just extra surface for us to put our junk down on.